NelaFlex II Trowels

NelaFLEX Trowels

There’s a NelaFLEX trowel for every job. Each one features a high-quality stainless-steel blade, die-cast aluminium mounting, and ergonomic handle.

NelaFLEX II Stainless Trowel Premium – Gold Edition

NelaFLEX II Round Edge Trowel

NelaFLEX II Midget Trowel Premium Round Edge

SuperFlex II Trowel – Round Edge

NelaFLEX II Midget Trowel Premium

The rounded corners on many of our NelaFLEX trowels make them ideal for burr-free fillings. This is also aided by the innovative double-blade technology. The high strength bond between the blades is achieved with a special adhesive designed to withstand both solvents and extreme temperatures – a must for Australian conditions.

German Crafted NelaFLEX Trowels

When you pick up a NelaFLEX trowel, you will notice that it’s the details that make all the difference. Light, strong, and durable, a NelaFLEX trowel is crafted with your comfort in mind. The trademark BiKoGRIP cork (or soft) handle allows for better grip, and more comfortable use. Like all of our German crafted tools, the NelaFLEX range is designed to make your job easier, and to continue to serve you well throughout years of use.

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