Premium Trowels

Notched Trowels

Part of our premium range of trowels, that includes our smoothing trowel, pipe trowel, and pool trowels, you will find Nela’s Premium Stainless-Steel Chrome Notched Trowel a cut above the rest.

These 8mm notched, 355x120mm trowels are perfect for tilers, allowing smooth application and easy clean up. Strong and durable, with just the right amount of flexibility, this is the notched trowel you have been searching for.

German Crafted Notched Trowels

Like all products bearing the Nela name, our notched trowels are made with care and commitment to craft. It may be said that ‘a bad tradesperson blames their tools’, but a professional tradesperson knows the difference that high-quality tools can make.

Nela’s stainless-steel notched trowels help you to achieve the superior results that you want in any job, and clever features such as the BiKoGRIP cork handle provide the ergonomic support and comfort that you need when performing the same tasks day after day, year after year.

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